The first classic, heathland style golf course Carya Golf Club, in Antalya’s Belek Region,is the first classic, heatland style golf course to be built on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.set on undulating sand hills,Carya is a championship golf course at the heart of Turkey’s golf coast. Grown in an exensive nursery on site, Carya’s heather shapes define the course into a truly magnificent spectacle. The 7,186 yards, par 72 course, is a demanding test of golfing strategy with free flowing holes rhat run between pine and eucalyptus trees and across a dramatic sand ridge. Carya boasts a Player’s Course, a world class Gold Academy and spectacular new Club House. Golf day & Night Carya Golf Club Being one of the most popular country clubs of Turkey, "Carya Golf Club" has launched the first lighted golf course of Europe with a major investment. By lighting the 18 holes, Carya Golf Club offers the opportunity of playing golf at night with the comfort of daylight. In this way, the guests can enjoy playing golf under the warm climate of Mediterranean Sea up until late at night. Having been selected as the best golf destination in 2008, Belek Resort has been literally flooded by golf lovers since then. It is nearly impossible to find place in the courses during intense golf seasons in Belek that is preferred thanks to its attractive facilities offered by luxurious hotels. Moreover, there was the problem that some games couldn't be finished due to short days between the months of September and May in Belek resort especially for the games that start in the afternoon. Thanks to this particular project, not only such problems are eliminated but also there is the chance to discover the advantageous and joyful sides of playing golf at night. The ball is clearly visible since lighting is provided from 36 meters high up to 250 Lux and the background is darker. Furthermore, players feel like they play in completely different 9 holes since the course turns into a whole another environment with the lighting.